Tank Breastfeeding Relax Maternity

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Bustier Bra Breastfeeding Relaxmaternity
Milk Series
Elastic and seamless, extremely soft to the touch, this series uses an innovative natural fiber, which comes from milk proteins, which nourish and hydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth.
Its use is particularly suitable to help reduce and reduction of spots on the skin created by the growth of the abdomen and chest, which may lead to loss of elasticity of the skin tissue.
In addition, organic fiber Milk, thanks to the natural milk proteins, acts as a natural bacteriostatic agent, thus protecting the skin from infections, as they are more sensitive during the biological stages of pregnancy and lactation.
Although produced from natural microfibers, the underwear line Relax Maternity Milk requires no particular care on the use or cleaning. The comfort and the pleasant feeling of softness remain unchanged over time, even after repeated washing.
Row Cotton
The elasticized cotton provides each underwear maximum softness, perfect fit and ultimate flexibility, so as to adapt gradually to changes in the size of the abdomen, chest and rear. The cotton fibers are in direct contact with the skin, providing anti-allergic and disinfecting, as well as helping to absorb perspiration and allows the skin to breathe.
The variable thickness of the fabric, as well as the supporting plates in the form of bands, seamlessly perform the task of containment and support, without squeezing, but only covering parts of the abdomen, hind and chest.
All underwear made seamless, thus preventing any friction with the skin, which may cause irritations and eczema.

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