Hauck Light Stroller RAPID 4 Caviar Silver
Hauck Light Stroller RAPID 4 Caviar Silver
Hauck Light Stroller RAPID 4 Caviar Silver
Hauck Light Stroller RAPID 4 Caviar Silver

Hauck Light Stroller RAPID 4 Caviar Silver

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You will love the innovative and intelligent folding technique of this sporty stroller! Everything is faster with Rapid 4, because it can be folded up compactly with just one action. The release loop doubles up as a practical carrying handle, making it easy to lift the Rapid 4 onto the bus or carry it up the stairs, while your other hand is free for your child.

The Rapid 4 is perfect for excursions. The front wheels swivel through 360° and can be locked if required and the wheels and suspension gently absorb shocks on uneven ground. The pleasantly soft handle has 30cm of adjustment, so it can be individually adapted to your height.

This buggy also offers your child the highest level of comfort. The high-quality, quilted seat has a backrest with a strap for adjusting into a lying position. The footrest is also multi-adjustable. In the horizontal setting it gives your child a large area for resting and sleeping. The extendible sun canopy can be pulled far forward to provide your child with ideal protection against the weather. Keep a constant eye on your little one through the viewing window in the canopy. Small items can be stored in the pocket in the canopy. The basket under the seat has space for baby equipment and shopping.

The padded, 5-point belt and front bar keep your child safe at all times and the parking brake acts on both sides for safety. Its folded dimensions are so compact that the Rapid 4 can easily be stored in any trunk.

Our tip!
To go with Rapid 4, we recommend our Comfort Fix car seat and the matching Isofix Base (= Comfort Fix Set). With its patented passenger protection system, the Comfort Fix car seat always guarantees a safe car journey. Combine Comfort Fix and Rapid 4 to make a practical Shop’n Drive system. You don’t need a separate adapter, because the buggy comes equipped with a fixing device.

Rapid 4 is also available as the Rapid 4 Plus Trio Set with car seat, pram and sports buggy. It is also available as the Rapid 3 Plus Trio Set or as the individual Rapid 3 shopper buggy.



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