Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck
Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck
Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck
Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck
Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck

Stroller for Twins or not Duett 3 Hauck

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One for all. This sibling pram is truly multi-functional, because it fits in easily with your family’s plans. With its many combination options, Duett 3 is the perfect companion from the very beginning. It can even cope with narrow tracks. 

REMOVABLE SECOND SEAT. You are on the way with one child only? You can completely remove the lower seat with few actions making Duett 3 become a single stroller.

SPORTS SEAT CONVERTABLE IN INFANT CARRIER. Duett 3 is delivered with two separate seat units. The upper seat is convertable in a cosy infant carrier with few actions so as to be used for a newborn. Once your offspring is bigger, you can reconvert the infant carrier into a sports seat which is fixable in both directions. The older child can always accompany you in the lower seat. The anterior wheels are equipped with protections that prevents your child from touching them. 


COMBINATION WITH A SECOND INFANT CARRIER. Duett 3 can be used from birth even by twins thanks to the separately available infant carrier. This is mounted on the chassis instead of the lower seat without any additional adapters.

Duett 3 can be used with one or two infant carrier and thus from birth onwards even with twins. When using two infant car seats, additional Comfort Fix adapters are needed. The upper car seat is mounted directly on the chassis without any adapters, while the lower one needs the additional adapters. In adddition to the infant car seats, we recommend the separately available Comfort Fix Isofix Base or rather the Comfort Fix Set.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC have evaluated the hauck Comfort Fix Set with the test result “GUT” (11/2018 magazine). The Comfort Fix Set is not only the best of the sets tested in the category infant car seats with ISOFIX BASE, but also the price/performance winner.

COMFORTABLE WITH LYING FUNCTION. In Duett 3, both children are always comfortable. The main seat has a lying function as well as an adjustable footrest and a large sun canopy, while the lower seat has a rest position. The light aluminium chassis and swiveling as well as lockable front wheels guarantee maximum manoeuvrability with both children. The puncture-resistant wheels offer the perfect driving fun and the height-adjustable push handle is back-friendly.

FITS THROUGH ANY DOOR. Thanks to the seats being one behind the other, Duett 3 is so small that it fits through any door or elevator. Once folded down, the sibling stroller is no bigger than a single one - ideal for transport in even the smallest boot.

This stroller is a true multi-talent! He is ideal for any family planning. Duett 3 can be used for a newborn and small child or for twins. Thanks to its many combination possibilities, Duett 3 is the perfect companion for all family adventures.

This stroller's main seat is convertable to an infant carrier which makes it possibile to use Duett 3 right from birth. Once your child is a little bigger, the carrycot can be simply reconverted into a sports seat thanks to its velcro. In addition, the sports seat can be mounted in two directions, either looking at mum and dad or the surroundings.

When mum and dad are on the move with one child only, the second seat can be easily removed transforming Duett 3 in a single stroller. When both children accompany you, the seat can be simply reattached to the chassis.

With the separately available Duett 3 Babywanne/pram infant carrier, Duett 3 can be used right from birth for twins, too. Just remove the lower seat and replace it with the seacond infant carrier. Separate adapters are not needed, as has been developed especially for Duett 3.

Duett 3 can be used in combination with one or two infant car seats and thus also for twins right from birth. The upper car seat can be mounted on the chassis without any adapters, while the lower one need the Duett 3 Comfort Fix Adapter. Matching the Comfort Fix infant car seats, we recommend our Isofix base available separately or as Comfort Fix Set.

Thanks to our Comfort Fix infant car seat, your baby will be safe from the very first moment. Patented side-impact protection, 3-point safety belt guarantee maximum safety. Head protection, seat insert and breathable fabrics offer high comfort. Comfort Fix is fixable with your car's 3-point safety belt or with our separately available Isofix base.

  • Aluminium frame
  • Suspension
  • Reversible seat unit
  • High-quality comfort wheel
  • Large shopping basket
  • Locking brake
  • Easy-Fix-System
  • 5-point harness system
  • Canopy
  • Easy to clean
  • Inner measurements carrycot 80 x 31 x 19 cm
  • Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously) stufenlos
  • Back rest inclination 118,5 - 156 °
  • Adjustable footrest 4 x
  • Detachable canopy
  • Canopy
  • Detachable front bar
  • Lockable and swivelling front wheels
  • Detachable front wheels
  • Detachable rear wheels
  • Measurements folded (min.) 88,5 x 67 x 36 cm
  • Measurements built-up (max.) 121 x 67 x 115,5 cm
  • Seat width 31 cm
  • Height-adjustable handle 4x / 90 - 113,5 cm
  • Height of handle 109,5 cm
  • Measurements lying area 80 cm
  • Lengths of seat and backrest 20,5 x 41 cm
  • Wheel diameter (back wheel) 27,5 cm
  • Wheel diameter (front wheel) 20 cm
  • Sibling pram: From birth to 15 kg
  • Pushchair / Second seat: from 6 months till 15 kg 




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