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Ring Bathroom with Toy Silver BebeJou

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The bathroom is more pleasant thanks to the ring Bathroom Bebejou. It is suitable for children from 7 months to 16 months. It has four suction cups on the bottom surface so as to offer stability while bathing your little one. The two small ducklings on the front part of the ring, assist in pumping water. So distracted small your bath time. It is spacious, durable and easy to clean.

- Sturdy, durable and with easy to clean round shapes
- A nice little distraction in the bath for the little one
- Four suction cups keep the bath ring in its place
- Two little duckies on the front that squirt water
- A real treat for every baby, loads of fun
Size: 31x31x26 cm
Material: PP
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with warm water and mild soap, then dry thoroughly. Never use chemical cleaning agents!



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