Multi-bed BebeJou with changer Alda 5 in 1

  • €590.00

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Bebejou latest development in baby furniture design is the 5-in-1 Alda multi-purpose bed that combines bedding, baby crib, teen bed, bedside table and desk. The smart way of designing and quality guarantees that your child will accompany your child for many years!

When your baby is born, Alda is used as a polymorph by combining the 70 x120 cm baby cot and the 70 x 50 cm table changer. Later, it can be converted into a simple baby bed and the changing room in a practical bedside table. Alda has also can be transformed easily into a teen bed and a desk for your child's activities.

Eternal dimensions 185 x 94 cm

Mattress set in 3 positions

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