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Light Stroller Sport Hauck Moonlight Capri

Light Stroller Sport Hauck Moonlight Capri

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The small Shopper.

The Shopper Sport is very lightweight, manoeuvrable and offers an easy handling. Thanks to the lockable and swivelling front wheels and the extra large shopping basket, the Sport is ideal for shopping.

The suspension, the back rest - that can be continuously reclined until a lying position is reached - and the 5-position adjustable foot rest make for a perfect ride. Your child can sit comfortably on your shopping tours.

The padded 5-point harness, the detachable front bar and the locking brake acting on both rear wheels provide maximum safety.

The Shopper Sport is the ideal companion for your shopping tours.

  • Suspension

  • Plastic wheel

  • Locking brake

  • Large shopping basket 

  • Wipeable

  • Back rest inclination 100 - 152 °

  • Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously) 4 x  

  • Adjustable foot rest 4 x

  • Detachable cover

  • Detachable front bar

  • Lockable and swivelling front wheels

  • Detachable front & rear wheels

  • 5-point harness system

  • Measurements folded (min.) 81 x 45 x 24 cm

  • Measurements built-up (max.) 75 x 45 x 101 cm

  • Seat width 31 cm

  • Height of handle 101 cm

  • Measurements lying area 72 cm

  • Lengths of seat and back rest 18 / 43 cm

  • Wheel diameter (back & front wheel) 13,5 cm

  • Buggy / push chair: From 0 month to 15 kg

  • Weight total single item 5,90  kg



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