Humidifier with ultrasounds 6 l Beurer

Humidifier with ultrasounds 6 l Beurer

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We increasingly spend a large proportion of our lives indoors. Ideally, a humidity level of between 40% and 60% is recommended. This value is often not reached, particularly in winter, when cold, dry air enters living spaces that are being aired and is then warmed up. This dry ambient air draws in moisture, and can dry out the mucus membranes of the nose, dries out the skin and makes eyes dry/irritated.
The Beurer Air Humidifier LB88 is also perfect for a child or toddler's room to keep the humidity levels at optimum levels. It is extremely quiet so can be used throughout the night. How does the LB88 work? High-frequency vibrations release tiny drops from the surface of the water. The fan air flow transports the humidified air out into the room. In addition, water vaporisation can also be switched on. If you wish, the device can be used with the aromas via the aroma pads included. Also, a water filter is available as an option for hard water areas.
  • Dual-Technology: Ultrasonic nebuliser with water vaporization
  • High humidification performance - 550 ml/h with ultrasonic technology
  • Hygenic water heating function kills bacteria
  • Suitable for rooms up to 48 m
  • Continuously adjustable nebuliser, three level water heating

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