Grow With Me Icoo 3 in 1

Grow With Me Icoo 3 in 1 Hauck

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Grow With Me Icoo 3 In 1

Practical as ever !! The grow with me the Icoo includes 3 things in one package. The main axis is all aluminum, and on the applied things that will cover you for three different situations, the rocking chair for relaxation and lullaby, cradle to sleep the first nine months and the dining chair from the first 6 months onwards. Under the base has wheels thus easily handled and comfortable throughout the system.

The rocking chair of the Grow with me has vibration and melodies, the base predisposes they do not touch the rocking chair on the floor or onto the couch, rocking chair standing tall and come in direct contact with your baby.

The cradle of one face has vents for easy passage of air. The high chair has a tray, the chair seat has three reclining positions and variation in height and 5-point belts for better attachment of the child.

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