Electric Breast Pump Luna Nuk

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It is well known that breast milk is best for baby but some mothers struggle to establish pain-free, successful breastfeeding. Help is at hand though with the Luna Electric Breast Pump from NUK. Featuring 2 x different settings: a fast pumping action to stimulate milk flow and a slower but stronger pumping rhythm for maximum milk flow, Luna also features a super soft silicone cushion, which is textured to provide a gentle massage and designed to perfectly mould to the shape of the breast.

• Simple but sturdy design, made in Germany.
• High expressing action due to a 2 phase rhythm which simulates a baby's natural suction when breastfeeding.
• Fully adjustable suction strength for particularly gentle expressing.
• Can be operated with just one hand and is easy to clean (few parts)
• Can be mains or battery operated and includes a global adapter which is great for travelling.
• Compatible with all NUK First Choice baby bottles and teats.
• Pack includes a stand, 150ml breast milk container with screw ring and sealing disc, First Choice Plus Silicone Teat Size 1 (0-6 months) small feed hole, protective cap, mains plug and adapter plug.
• BPA (Bisphenol A) free.


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