Glass Bottle Dr. Brown's 270 ml Wide Neck (2 pcs.)

Glass Bottle Dr. Brown's 270 ml Wide Neck (2 pcs.)

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Doctor Dr. Brown defeated colic!

New study reveals the loss of vitamins A, C & E in the bottle during the 20 minute of feeding. The simulation results show that the amount of air in the bottle and design play an important role in the vitamin content. Only bottles with internal air circulation system do not influence the quantities of the three components as they allow air to move the bottle without bubbling. All other bottle more bubbles were observed in the milk and lower levels of the three components. In the interior of the air circulation system, babies fed more easily and milk flows freely through the nipple and the positive pressure created closely resembles that of breast-feeding. The result is a significant reduction of colic, belching of (reflux) or bloating observed very often in infants.

This bottle contains natural flow system, brush and Level 1 nipple from transparent silicone.



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