DECT baby monitor with projector DBX-111 Alecto

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The DBX-111 DECT baby monitor with projector offers you the best for your baby and you: your baby falls asleep with projected sky of stars, and you hear exactly what happens in the baby room. With the digital (DECT) connection, you are assured of a 100% failure-free range, so you have a clearer reception. In addition, we have this projector baby monitor equipped with an ECO mode so you can set the transmission power and power consumption. Projector, baby monitor and more

Because of the digital connection the audio on the Alecto DBX-111 is extremely clear without any interference. Furthermore, this baby monitor features a microphone which allows you to speak to your child when necessary as well as you can turn on the star projector via the parent unit. After 15 minutes, the projector automatically turns off so that the little ones can sleep undisturbed. 

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