We-too Diaper Bin Pink
We-too Diaper Bin Pink

We-too Diaper Bin Pink

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We-too bin utilizes a patented odor suppression system with 99% efficiency. The unique pivoting lid allows you to place the used diaper in a special insulated bowl instead of directly into the bin where other nappies are already stored. This eliminates the penetration of odors into the room.

You can use the keeper with one hand – put the lid handle to the side when you want to throw away the diaper, and just as easily raise it back up. A convenient handle also allows you to easily move the container to another place.

The keeper holds 25 baby diapers, and you do not need to use any special cassettes, for We-too quite suitable ordinary garbage bags. To empty the bin, turn the lid and remove the bag, and then screw the lid back on.


Ø 25 x 46 cm



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