Closet Marseille BebeJou 3 doors/2 drawers

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Closet Marseille 3 doors/2 drawers

The Marseille range of nursery furniture is in the traditional cottage style. Its timeless chic guarantees a lifetime of use.

So your Marseille nursery furniture will find a place in your home for many years to come. For example, the wardrobe or the cabinet can be re-used later in the hallway or the sitting room.

The use of MDF makes the Marseille series robust and durable. In particular the sideboard, with its arrangement of various-sized drawers, is a practical feature to be highlighted. This facilitates quick and easy access from above. Also the wardrobe is handily proportioned with three large doors and two drawers in addition.

You will have years of pleasure from the Marseille white nursery because you can develop this room into a teenager’s room.

Closet 3 door / 2 drawers Dimensions 157 x 190 x 58cm

shelves 2 at Left, 1 at the Midle, 2 at Right 

hanging rail 1 at Left, 1 at Right


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