Child car seat Concord Reverso Plus i-size (0-23 kg) Shadow black
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Child car seat Concord Reverso Plus i-size (0-23 kg) Shadow black

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Extremely easy to handle and suitable for children from birth to a height of 105 cm. This rearward seat fulfils the new European i-Size standard and provides the highest standards of safety with minimal weight.

Dimensions: 86 x 45 x 53 cm

Weight: 15 kg

  • Three-point belt system keeps child secure and makes it easy to fasten and undo belts
  • INCL. NEWBORN INLAY the seat is a fully fledged cradle for ages up to three to five months.
  • Central belt lock position prevents child from wriggling out of the shoulder strap
  • Maximum safety with minimal weight thanks to aluminium frames and multi-functional inner shell
  • Red-green pressure indicator for correctly positioning the support foot.
  • Easy adjustment of the seat size or lying position via always-accessible rotating wheels
  • Particularly large louvres in the rear seat area for optimal air circulation
  • Height- adjustable support foot with red-green indicator for correct locking position
  • Intelligent red- green indicator for fitting
  • Isofix correctly on either side




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