Changer Somero Matt White BebeJou

Changer Somero Matt White BebeJou

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Changer Somero Matt White

Does a minimalist room with modern design is what would suit you?

Then you'll love the series Somero White Matt. The design of the room and the whole aura refers to something cool and modern. The designers chose to leave the handles away from the doors and drawers of the child room to create a more minimalist effect.
You can dream of your own Somero white matt room?

Both the Changer and the Closet has soft-closing mechanisms as well as shock absorber  for soft closing, so you can arrange your baby's clothes, while is sleeping. If you would like more space in your changer, then adding expansion at the furniture creates a large surface which you will change your baby while you will have all the cosmetics next to you. Certainly changer Somero White Matt will stay on your babys room for many years as it is a piece of furniture very timeless and exuberant.


Changer/Dresser External Dimensions 120 x 100 x 60 cm with 3 drawers and stop mechanism as well as soft-close.



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