Carseat O3 lite BeCool Empire i-size
Carseat O3 lite BeCool Empire i-size
Carseat O3 lite BeCool Empire i-size
Carseat O3 lite BeCool Empire i-size

Carseat O3 lite BeCool Empire i-size

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Rotating i-Size car seat

New latest generation car seat designed to guarantee maximum safety for the child in the car from newborn (40 cm.), up to 4 years old, approximately (105 cm tall).

Approved under standard R129, more commonly known as i-Size, the Child Restraint System has all the latest safety and comfort features.

It is equipped with a convenient side loading position from the car door, and offers the possibility of extending its use in the rearward facing position for the entire duration of its use or switching to the forward-facing position when the child is 75 cm tall until the end of its use when the child is 4 approximately.

  • i-Size car seat (R129).

  • Rearward facing from 40 to 105 cm (Birth to 4 years)

  • Forward facing from 15 months up to 105 cm ( 15 months to 4 years)

  • Isofix + anti rotation leg

Rearward facing up to 15 months at least

Many parents change their baby’s seat for a forward facing one too soon, in general when the child is round about 9 months old or weighs 9 kg due, in part, to the confusion caused by the R44 standard recommendation.

Under the i-Size standard, forward facing CRS may only be used once the child is 15 months old, although it is recommended to keep the baby in the rearward facing position for as long as possible. This increase is necessary because the baby’s neck is not developed enough to support the weight of the head, which is proportionately bigger than an adult’s head, and this leads to a risk of injury in the event of a head-on impact.

The BeCool 03 i-Size car seat can be used in the recommended rearward facing position from birth to 4 years.


360° Rotating Seat Feature

Forward or Rear Facing Position

Extended Rear Facing option for up to 4 years

Simple and secure to fit using a car's ISOFIX anchor points.

More Safety


I-Size 40-105cm



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