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Bebejou Baby Bath with built-in water Thermometer Leopard Blue

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Your baby's bath has never been easier.
Bebejou thermobath is distinguished by its functionality and design.
With a single glance you can control the temperature of the water and constantly monitor it during the bath.
The thermobath has a safe drainage system with a plug that can be opened without having to put your hands in the water.
Its special pipe drains the water without having to lift the bathroom.
The Bebejou bath base in combination with the corresponding Bebejou baths (Thermobath - Classic) allow you to bathe your baby in an upright position, without bothering your waist.
For greater stability it has a special locking system (click) for the baby bath. It has slots for touching the towels.
It is collapsible, especially for storage. Its weight resistance is up to 20 kg.
Bath Bases for Thermobath Bebe-jou
Also the use of the auxiliary seat (not included) serves so that your baby stands safely in the most appropriate position.
Bebe-jou bath accessories
The baby bath with built-in thermometer is made to the highest European safety standards.
Finally, complete the bathroom set with the plastic water bucket (not included).
Clean the baby bath with lukewarm water and mild soap and then dry it with cloth.
Never use chemical cleaners.



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