Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green
Bath and care set Luma Green

Bath and care set Luma Green

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In this LUMA bath & care set you will find everything you need to take care of your new-born baby. It contains eight items indispensable in the daily care for your baby: a baby bath, bath support, changing pad, bath seat, manicure seat, comb, brush, bath thermometer and an outlet tube. This is all you need for your baby. 

The LUMA bath is very modern in its design, specially designed for the small size of your baby. The bath is available in contemporary colours and part of a wider series of bath and nursery products.

 The LUMA bathing table can only be used in conjunction with the LUMA baby bath. The bath snaps in place easily thanks to a an ingenious system. This way everything is stable and safe. When not using the bath, you can easily remove the feet and store everything in a way conveniently for you. This is of course very handy for those smaller spaces.  

Bathing becomes even more fun when your little one can relax entirely in the nice warm water. A bath seat is very indispensable, especially when your child is still very small. With this LUMA bath seat your baby can relax entirely in the bath, making washing a simple task.  

Your child is the most precious thing in your life and you can’t even imagine something bad happening. That is why the LUMA bath thermometer is essential. With this thermometer you always know the temperature of the water you plan to bath your baby in. The perfect temperature for the water in the bath is 37 degrees. 

With this drain tube you can easily let the water out of the LUMA bath, straight into the LUMA nappy pail. Easy in use and solely with the LUMA baby bath.

With the cool looking LUMA manicure set you can easily file and clip your little ones nails. Rounded edges protect your baby against nasty injuries. 

With the LUMA brush and comb you are able to make your little one look even cuter. You will quickly notice your baby likes his little hairs to be brushed and scalp to be massaged. In this way you prevent cradle cap and stimulate the follicles. With the fine comb you can then easily style the little hairs and make your little one look very fashionable.

Bath Dimensions 75x39x25 cm

Stand Dimensions 78x32x16,5cm

Bath seat Dimensions 49x23x18 cm

Thermometer Dimensions 14,7x3,8x1 cm

Brush Dimensions: 14x2,5x5 cm

Comb Dimensions: 14x2,5x0,5 cm

Manicure set Dimensions 11,5x6,7x4,3 cm

Nappy pail 37,5x34,5x31 cm



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