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Baby multi blanket Fabulous Shadow White 75 x 100 cm - Bebejou

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Thermal total category, shows the insulation value of fabrics. The higher the TOG rating, the higher the thermal resistance and insulation of the material. A 3.5 TOG blanket, for example, is very warm and ideal for a cold winter night. A 0.2 TOG blanket on the other hand is suitable for warmer periods.
The chart below provides an easy-to-use overview of the various TOG values ​​and how you can position your baby.

Thermal Resistance Unit (tog):
0.5 TOG-room temperature above 26 ° C
1.0 TOG-room temperature 23-24 ° C
2.0 TOG-room temperature 20-22 ° C
2.5 TOG-room temperature 16 - 19 ° C
75 x 100 cm



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