Baby mattress Poseidon Cocolatex Leader Strom 60 x

Baby mattress Poseidon Cocolatex Leader Strom 60 x 120

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Mattress Poseidon Cocolatex

The children's mattress Poseidon is a unique option of double opseosme multiple benefits as it incorporates a soft and a hard side offering the perfect combination for relaxation. The latex containing technology gives softness, suitable conditions are formulated to support the body's small throughout sleep. With antibacterial properties inhibiting growth and reproduction acarina inside layer parallel system with fans leaving the mattress free from humidity but also clean and the anatomic and orthopedic properties of rubberized coir give the big bet for pleasant sleep with perfect adaptation!

Warranty 10 years

Characteristics of layers
Elasticated coco 
Layer density 47,10kg / m3
Fabric protect antibacterial 
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 x 120 x 10cm



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