Baby mattress Dream Cloud 70 x 140 BebeJou

Baby mattress Dream Cloud 70 x 140 BebeJou

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One of your important purchases with your baby's arrival is the infant mattress. The baby's mattress ensures the good sleep you desire to have in a healthy environment.

We recommend the Dream Cloud series of higher specification layers. The mattress features a washable cotton swab, internally composed of a quality range of cold biological treatment foam and a corrugated surface to breathe and ventilate the mattress from every spot. The process of the Fresh & Dry layer follows a smart and functional substrate that absorbs moisture and releases it back into the environment, effectively preventing moisture from penetrating into the core of the mattress, thereby protecting it from mold formation. The cover is removed and washed at 60 ° C.

Cotton 36%

Polyamide 34%

Polyester 30%

Covers washable at 60 ° C.



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