Aquasit BebeJou Mellow Rose

Aquasit BebeJou Mellow Rose

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The aqua-sit of Bebe Jou is one of the most practical accessory bath seats for your baby. Used since the early days of birth until six months. Allows you to have both hands free when you bathe your baby, offering a comfortable and physical support so it feels safe during the course of the bathroom to make it more enjoyable. The inclined position is not borne by the waist and spine baby's column. It is tested and certified product from Laboratory roqery and comply with the highest European safety standards.

Adjust the Thermobath and at the Classic bath Bebe Jou.

Size: 49x26x20,5 cm

Material: Polypropylene and Styrolux

Cleaning Instructions: Clean the baby bath with warm water and mild soap and subsequently dry it with a cloth. Never use chemical cleaning agents.



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