4 Way Carrier Black Hauck

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Use the 4-way carrier to carry your child in three different positions on your front and one other position on your back.

If you want to carry your baby on your front, facing you, open the zip fastening in the ergonomically shaped seat. This automatically puts your child in the "M" position (squat-straddle position) recommended by paediatricians, where they can snuggle up close to your body.

If you want to carry your child on your hip, you can achieve the desired position by attaching the strap supplied to the 4-way carrier.

If your child would prefer to see the world, wear the 4-way carrier with both straps so that they face forward. Carrying your little one on your back gives them a totally different perspective.

Your child will always be comfortable on the move in this position, because the 4-way carrier is softly padded and has a supportive head piece. We have also thought about mum and dad, because the baby carrier has soft shoulder padding to better spread out the child’s weight and take the pressure off the shoulders.

The 4-way carrier is perfect for parents on the go, because it can be flexibly adjusted to every position and size and grows with your child. However, you should only use the 4-Way Carrier when your child is able to hold up their own head.

Measurements built-up (max.) 15 x 25 x 31 cm

Weight total single item (without box) 1,2 kg

From 6 months to 12 kgs

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