Baby carrier Minimonkey 100% cotton Sand

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The pouch mini monkey sling is the most practical way to carry with you comfortable and relaxed your baby at any time of day. You can use it in four different ways depending on the age, making your newborn baby to feel the warmth safety of your arms!

Banana Place for newborn baby.
The baby can be placed in a pouch lying position (Banana position) from the day of birth. Put the infant diagonally into the pouch, with its head resting on the top line of the fabric. Your baby will parallel heard the beat of your heart, recalling the warmth of tummy that just left. It is also very good and discreet place to directly breastfeed your baby.

Kangaroo position from 3 months and older.
When the baby's back stronger you can use the location in which your baby will be looking forward to the apron are also front and up. Your baby's face will be this time against the line of the fabric.

Hipster possition
When the baby is now at the age of about 9 months old and sits effortlessly in the middle of, this position you support your hip is ideal for avoiding fatigue your waist so lifting more weight more comfortable. Your baby apron will hug your waist.

Hammock from newborn to 3 months.
The sling Baby sling can also be used as a hammock and amazing to put your baby to sleep. This attitude helps babies suffering from colic effectively.


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