Air cleaner Beurer

Air cleaner Beurer

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We increasingly spend a large proportion of our lives indoors. Ideally, a humidity level of between 40% and 60% is recommended. This value is often not reached, particularly in winter, when cold, dry air enters living spaces that are being aired and is then warmed up. This dry ambient air draws in moisture, and can dry out the mucus membranes of the nose, dries out the skin and makes eyes dry/irritated.
How does the LW110 air humidifier/washer work? Air comes in contact with rotating humidification discs and this absorbs water molecules. Air borne particles such as domestic dust, pollen, animal hair adhere to the discs and are rinsed in the water.
The LW110 air washer humidifies air that is too dry and simultaneously removes dust, pollen, animal hair and odours. Just like rain does in nature, the air is "washed clean".
The unit washes and humidifies air hygienically without filter pads. Operates quietly with three output levels, consumes little energy and automatically switches off if the water runs out. Easy to maintain, keep clean and dishwasher-safe. Also features a blue illuminated LCD control panel. Genuine Beurer water additives and cleaning products are available.
  • Air humidification and air cleaning in one unit
  • Auto-regulating humidification of ambient air by cold evaporation
  • Cleans air without filter pads: removes dust, pollen, animal hair and odours
  • Humidifies rooms up to: 36 m cleans air in rooms up to 20 m
  • Easy to maintain/simple disassembly - can be cleaned in the dishwasher

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